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  1. Mary
    December 31, 2023 @ 11:15 am

    Oh my goodness, dearest Gerda…never a dull moment with you two! So sorry to hear about this injury, but very happy about the ‘no surgery’ outcome, and not surprised but still impressed by Peter’s phenomenal ability to create a better solution for your recovery. Your beautifully written blog ‘baader-meinhofed me into an old memory. About a decade ago our son-in-law’s mom, Mary, was sitting on the couch one evening, enjoying a nice TV show with her hubby. She stood up to get some water and BAMM!!! Out of nowhere, both her ankles snapped, just like that! Both ankles broken, followed by months of wheelchair, medical interventions, physical therapy, hobbling -bobbling around. Did I mention they lived on a remote farm in the UP in Michigan, many miles from town and hospital? And that it was, of course, wintertime? You, BJ Miller, and Mary remind me to be appreciative of the moment, of my health and intactness, as it is truly fleeting in this world of ours. Maybe even especially appreciative of my extremities, fingers, hands, feet and toes, which I most certainly take for granted until stubbed or jammed or bumped! As ever, your reflective musings are a joy to read, and remind me of how much I miss you both.


    • Gerda Saunders
      January 13, 2024 @ 5:29 pm

      Dearest Mary, Thanks so much for your nice response. I am so grateful for Peter’s hands-on input in everything that doesn’t work in my life! Your baader-meinhof memory is astonishing–both Peter and I were shocked. How awful for in-law Mary (in South Africa we call the relationship “sister-in-law”). I can’t even imagine her difficulties with the distance, the pain, and the long and difficult recovery! You always strike me as someone aware of your good physical circumstance (you have hardly ever said anything about health situations that you must have had). You are one of my examples of how to tackle life joyously and building new worlds to follow your desires–your nursing, midwifery, and painting, among other adventures, eg movie to NYC–have impressed me very much. Thanks for your kind words about my post. It warms my heart that you read my often disjointed thoughts! Love to you and yours.


  2. shen
    January 1, 2024 @ 5:10 pm

    I adore that Ted talk! thank you for sharing along with your own deep thoughts, and we should talk about this subject xoxo


    • Gerda Saunders
      January 13, 2024 @ 5:00 pm

      My dearest Shen, You are always so good to keep reading my convoluted writing and find things to like in it! We’ll talk more about it when we see each other again. Hope you are having the best time with those precious kids.


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