Isolation & Connection: a RadioWest film about how my family and I are coping (or not) with my dementia during the COVID isolation

Featured image: Screenshot from the RadioWest film Isolation and Connection. Videographer: Kelsie Moore.

As many of you know, RadioWest has over the years made a series of short films on how my family and I are living with my dementia. (You can see them by selecting “Videos” from the menu at the top.) The most recent one, released this week, is the sixth. It continues my and my family’s story and is also part of a new series, In Isolation, that Kelsie Moore and Doug Fabrizio have brought into being in order to highlight the different experiences of people throughout Utah during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the recent filming of me and my family, Kelsie and Doug consistently adhered to COVID safety rules, as they did while making the other films in the series. I am very grateful to Kelsie and Doug for including a dementia story in the series, since those of us with clouded brains go downhill faster than anticipated due to the lack of social contact, which anchors us to time and place. The film shows how the isolation has affected both Peter and me negatively, but also celebrates how lucky we are to have each other as well as supportive children and grandchildren whose faithful adherence to COVID restrictions has made it possible for us to safely spend time with them. Thanks so much to our children, grandchildren, and Grammy Sandi for agreeing to be filmed, and for all your love that cannot be expressed visually or in words.

To see the new film about our family and COVID, click here or on the photo below.

Photo: Screen shot from Isolation & Connection, filmed by RadioWest’s Kelsie Moore.