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  1. Kimberly Deneris
    August 30, 2017 @ 11:18 am

    I love what you are doing with your outfits, and your fashion idea board! You are so damn stylish! I guess it’s a good thing I can’t afford to buy the clothing that I still get obsessed over.
    But $1200 for a dress?!? Anyway, you are MY style inspiration.

    I wanted to tell you that I am also grieving for my lost cognitive abilities, following two brain hemorrhages two years ago. I used to tell myself that nothing could take my intellect or my education away from me…how silly I was…anyway, I have started driving again, and I’m not far away. So if you ever want me to take you someplace, please give a call. 801-865-05666. We can go window shopping!


    • Gerda Saunders
      September 4, 2017 @ 1:03 pm

      Dearest Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your brain hemorrhages and the damage they have done. How fortunately innocent we all were about our precious education–without remembering you have to continue to have a good brain to benefit from it! So glad you can still drive–that is such an important freedom. And thanks for your offer of a ride–I will keep your phone no handy! Yes, windowshopping is one of the things I still have a great talent for! I have saved the website you sent in my favorites. I’ll be visiting it often–to drool…I hope you and your lovely family are doing well. Lots of hugs going your way.


  2. Joan Wright
    August 30, 2017 @ 11:24 am

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and your clothes idea is a very good one Gerda. I am doing a lot better now and the specialist said I can come off of the anti depressants I have been taking for eight months. I am redecorating a little flat I own in CT to sell or to rent out if I do not get the price I want. Michellie and Lisa really had to look after me after Derek died as I could do very little for myself. Now I am doing much better. I regularly visit Michelle Greg and little Michael in Jo burg and see Lisa often too. Lisa and I think little Solmor is going to look very cool when we have completed the renovation. I live in the house by myself and I have gotten used to it now. Lisa has signed me up for Air bnb and I have seven lots of visitors coming to stay in the next five months. All from overseas . New Mexico Austria Germany and England. You will remember that I had the big space down stairs like a complete flat. I have ordered a louvre door to put at the bottom of the stairs for my privacy and for theirs. I miss youGerda and am pleased how you are managing your life. I will use your outfit idea but I am not having problems with my clothes at present because I have gained a bit of weight and this has reduced my choice which is not all together a bad thing haha Much love kisses and hugs to both of you Joanxxxx


    • Gerda Saunders
      September 4, 2017 @ 12:57 pm

      So wonderful to hear from you, my dearest Joan. You have very often been in my thoughts–I could really say prayers–since Derek got sick and after his death. I am so glad to hear you are better. I think I and others who’ve had a long happy marriage have no clue of what the loss of our partner will be like. This is something YOu can only experience. I am not surprised that your lovely girls looked after you, and will continue to do so. It’s wonderful that you have so many friends coming to visit from afar–and even more that you are venturing out on trips with Air bnb.Of course I remember your flat downstairs–Peter and I had such a lovely time staying down there. I miss you very much too. Thanks for your nice comments on my outfit management–it does keep me going for now! YOu are so funny about thinking of gaining weight as a tool to minimize one’s closet!This weekend Newton and Cheryl are in Boulder, Utah, in a rented house amid unbelievable mountain and geological scenery. Marissa and Adam are home–It’s Labor Day here. They are coming to tea this afternoon. Peter is doing wonderfully and really helping me with everything. Fortunately I still remember in the mornings that we have to have dinner that night and make sure we get the things we need. I also do a lot of the cooking, as long as Peter is around to to make sure I don’t forget things on the stove…which I often do. Peter has also really learned to cook lovely meals, vegetables and all. So we are really doing well–and grateful every day for the many privileges we have. I wish you and your beautiful family every bit of love I can hold–little MIchael must be so big now. Give him a kiss on his cheek for me!


  3. Rene Engelbrecht
    August 31, 2017 @ 5:57 am

    Wonderlike idee met die klere, Gerda!


    • Gerda Saunders
      September 4, 2017 @ 12:46 pm

      Dankie, Renee. Dit help my baie op die oomblik, maar dit sou ook vroeeer in my lewe gehelp het–behalwe dat mens nooit tyd gehad het tussen werk en kinders nie! Ek hoop dit gaan goed met jou. xoxox


  4. Penelope Weisskopf
    August 31, 2017 @ 9:54 am

    Dear Mrs. Saunders,
    Please take note of Dr. Dale Bredesen, who has, through his extensive research, written a book, “The End of Alsheimers”. I saw him interviewed on Dr. Steven Gundry’s website, gundrymd, on video August 22nd, last week. I am very touched by your story, which I saw on “Well Read” (PBS), and I’m hoping you will see that there are possibilities beyond what you may think your future holds.
    In sincere appreciation for all you are and all you do,
    Penelope Weisskopf


    • Gerda Saunders
      September 4, 2017 @ 12:44 pm

      Dear Penelope,
      Thanks so much for being in touch. I have heard of Dr. Bredenson and his method of healthy living and more, but I have not heard the interview you mention. I am in the middle of listening to it, and it’s very interesting. While Dr. Bredensen specifically address the amyloid plaques of Alzheimers, I believe his lifestyle will also benefit my microvascular disease. I am already living very healthily and my incorporate some of his ideas into my lifestyle. I really appreciate you thinking of me and your nice comments about my “Well Read” interview. I wish you and yours all of the very best.


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