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  1. Erika Brown
    April 7, 2017 @ 4:03 pm

    Dearest Tannie Gerda. Have you thought of doing a audio CD of your book.
    I absolutely love listening to you and it would be wonderful to hear your voice, reading your book?
    Love E


    • Gerda Saunders
      April 9, 2017 @ 7:08 am

      Dearest Erika, Thanks for always being such a positive and supportive presence in my life. You must be psychic, but I have just been talking about my press about the audiobook they are planning to make. The audio producer wanted me to read the book myself. After thinking about my debilitations, I have sadly declined. However, they will find a reader with a somewhat similar accent to mine and have it done. It will come out at the same time as the rest of the book on JUne 13. I hope that an audio or electronic version will be available in South Africa easier than the hard copy. YOur mom was asking me about getting my book the other day–if things go well, I hope that Peter and I can go to SA with a trunkful of books to give to everyone who has been so kind and supportive.

      Lots of love, xoxox

      JUst so you understand why I had to say no to doing the audio myself, here is a note of my difficulties that I sent to my press while discussing the possibility of reading the book myself. We jointly decided that it would be too much for me and take too long to fit the press’s deadline.

      Wow! What an exciting and intimidating project—I am of course honored that the associate publisher thought my voice would work. I am delighted at the idea of having the whole book recorded in my voice—as for the Author’s Note or Q & A, I’m sure I could to at least that. Here are a few questions and qualms related to reading the whole book, which I would love to do (and Peter is very encouraging about) If I can.

      1. Would I be reading from a screen? Here are my concerns. Back story: I read at CityArt last night and according to the long applause and many tearful hugs afterward,I did reach my audience in ways I hoped to. However, it took me three days to prepare for the reading. A lot of the time was taken up by creating the excerpt from the Quantum Puff adders chapter, but I spent almost a whole day marking up the text with breathing cues. I think, if I had enough advance warning, I could do it for the whole book. But here is the snag—I cannot do that electronically, but only on paper—I get very confused when working on the screen and, as a result, very stressed.And I do need the markups because of my short term memory loss—I can no longer read ahead with my eyes and remember where the breathing breaks will be before having to read the text out loud. Having to do a markup electronically would take me very much longer and cause a lot of stress. Solution: I mark up the text on paper, and someone inputs the markings into the electronic text. As I write this, I’m thinking that this is just such a finicky condition that it might not be worth it. I am, however, willing and happy to do it if we could work out something that would enable me to read the whole book.

      2. I am also concerned about the time-frame. I could likely read for several hours a day, but most likely not for a whole working day as a recording professional might. Your mention that the recording pace is at a high clip makes me think it might not be possible for me to do.

      3. As you know, I have lost my voice a number of times over the past years. I am well now, without the trace of a cold, and would have to be so in order to do the recording. But my voice is vulnerable and I want you and everyone involved in this to know that.


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