Aliya Saunders, 9 years old, guest post: “This is about my ouma and oupa and me”

Since Doña Quixote has had me locked up in dementia jail for many days during the past weeks, I did not have the wherewithal to do any writing. Fortunately, my granddaughter Aliya stood in for me by writing and illustrating this post. Aliya is 9, a great student, a voracious reader, a bodily-activity fanatic able to do cartwheels with a no-ground-touching cast on her foot, an artist, and a fashionista. Here is her post:


    Ouma and Oupa come to see me shoot goals at my soccer game



            Sometimes I play goalie                                                                I love gymnastics

I love painting and drawing. I draw most of the time that I am not playing outside with my friends, doing chores, doing homework, or paying attention in my class at school.



I made a sculpture for Reflections at school. In the middle is my ouma’s brain. I made long strings like spaghetti and twisted them on a ball of clay to make my ouma’s brain. My oupa’s hands are on the sides to protect Ouma. For Oupa’s hands,I bent my own hands and pressed the  clay on top of them. Then I peeled it off and made it smooth. I wrote on the wooden board My Oupa helps my Ouma because she has dementia. 

My whole family helps to take care of my Ouma when she gets tired from her dementia. Back row, left to right: My aunt Marissa, Ouma and Oupa, my dad Newton and my mom Cheryl, and my uncle Adam, Marissa’s husband. Front row, my cousin Dante and me. My brother Kanye is on the other side.

           I made this portrait of Ouma when I was eight.  She is happy. She loves jewelry and I do too.