From California Dreaming to the Real McCoy: My book is getting closer to publication!

Doña Quixote is the only one in our household who is not surprised by the steady progression of my book from a flabby manuscript to a limber stack of proof pages. Some weeks ago my page-stack even acquired a cover. Most astonishing, however, is that MEMORY’S LAST BREATH: FIELD NOTES ON MY DEMENTIA is already being advertised on booksellers’ pages! Though it will only be published on June 6, 2016, pre-ordering is now available.

This is what the Real McCoy looks like:

In subsequent posts, I will give more information about the book–for example, I will tell the story behind the photo of Peter and me that peeks through the bars of the cover design.

You can get more info about MEMORY’S LAST BREATH in the Books section of my website.

To pre-order MEMORY’S LAST BREATH, check out the websites of the following retailers–do shop around, because the prices and available formats vary from seller to seller.

Amazon Hardcover and Kindle

Barnes & Noble Hardcover and Nook Book

Target Hardcover

Books-a-Million Hardcover

Indiebound Hardcover

iTunes Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac

Hachette Book Group