Another VideoWest film of Gerda: “Downhill from There”

Yesterday afternoon I got a note from videographer Josh Weathers that the latest short film VideoWest is making of me is out. It’s called:  Downhill from there. Peter and I watched it right away, and it was not very uplifting. I am still glad VideoWest made it, because it is very important to me to be honest about my dementia and how it will affect my future–especially to myself. Peter’s sadness, though, is the cost of our decision to be honest and upfront about my dementia. Despite my justifications, we needed to move on to something more cheerful. Fortunately we had planned to learn some new salsa steps, for which Peter is always scouring the internet. The moral of the story: When things go downhill, dance!

VideoWest’s intro:

We’re continuing our series with Gerda Saunders. Gerda has progressive dementia, and she’s been letting us follow her along the way. Recently, we went with Gerda and her husband to the doctor for her latest evaluation, a series of memory tests. The results gave her a sense of urgency, and oddly, relief. As Gerda told us, “I’m really not making this up.”