My interview with the incomparable Melissa Block of NPR will run Saturday (tomorrow) morning on Weekend Edition

After my publisher, Hachette, received a request from Melissa Block to interview me about MEMORY’S LAST BREATH for this coming Saturday’s (tomorrow!) NPR’s Weekend Edition, I googled her name to put a face to the voice I had listened to and loved for over 30 years. Other than her beautiful image above, I found her self-description on her Twitter page utterly charming: “NPR special correspondent. Mom.” In my book, anyone who is able to work the word “Mom” into her professional introduction is right up there with the highest possible achievers!

I spoke to Melissa yesterday in an hour-long phone interview. Fortunately the segment on me and my book will be pretty short, so I’m bargaining that she will edit out the bits about which I always cringe afterwards…


Peter and I out on the town on Publication Day

I will send the time of the segment as soon as I get it from Weekend Edition. In the US, Weekend Edition seems to run from 6 am -10 am on Saturday mornings. This time slot seems to move along the time zones, so that everyone gets it early in the morning. I listen to the show almost every weekend, both Saturdays and Sundays, so I know that the 6-7 am hour, for example, repeats in the 7-8am hour, and so on. Accordingly, you will have several opportunities to catch it without being up at the crack of dawn! (There is also a Sunday edition, but my interview will air on Saturday only.) The segment will also be available online after the live show is over, and I’ll send the link out.

At Weller Book Works, Catherine Weller puts a protective cover on the ceremonial copy I bought there. At The King’s English, DawnAnn Owens said she looked forward to my reading there next week Thursday, June 22nd at 7 pm..

Thanks so much to everyone for your wonderful support all of this my big publication week! My happiness about MEMORY’S LAST BREATH being out in the world is fueled abundantly by your happiness for me.