Fashion/style vs dementia: a new RadioWest film about my trouble with clothes

RadioWest says: “Gerda Saunders has a fabulous sense of style. She also has a progressive form of dementia, and lately she’s been asking herself whether all this effort she’s putting into her appearance will be worth it once she can no longer manage it herself.”

Although RadioWest advertises the film as about me and my “style,” there would be no me and no style without Peter. The film will give you an idea of how my days go and how much I infringe on his time and patience. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that he is a superhero and a saint. As long as Peter is by my side, I’ll eventually be happy even while wearing a blingy track suit rather than my eccentric, contrived outfits!


Gerda documents her clothing troubles and other experiences in a journal that she calls her Field Notes on Dementia. This is the fourth film in our series with Gerda.

Watch the series,

Gerda Saunders’ book is due out June 13. It’s called “Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on My Dementia.”