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  1. René Engelbrecht
    December 5, 2020 @ 6:19 am



    • Gerda Saunders
      December 5, 2020 @ 1:54 pm

      Baie dankie vir jou altyd-bemoediginde woorde. Mooi bly!


  2. shen
    December 6, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

    Every time I learn something new from your blog posts Gerda. From that mind of yours! Thank you


    • Gerda Saunders
      December 6, 2020 @ 8:47 pm

      Thanks so much for finding something positive in my sentimental self-indulging! Love you, Shen, and thinking of you during this season when you so spectacularly strew gifts and love even wider than usual.


  3. Ria Saunders
    December 20, 2020 @ 12:12 pm

    Dearest liefste Gerda, thank you for persevering with your blog despite feeling low with little motivation. You are a shining light in Covid gloom when you tell us how you try to fill your days with little special events that enable you and beloved Peter to live with joy. Allow ‘the feathery thing that perches in your soul’ to continue singing a meaningful song…… for hope encourages us all. Much love, Ria


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